Or what we get wrong about Genius

‘Prometheus’ (detail). Heinrich von Füger (1790) Image Source: Wikipedia

Image: Tammy Jennings

James Turrell. Knight Rise, Scottsdale Museum of Art, AZ (Image Sean Deckert, source: http://www.scottsdalepublicart.org/permanent-art/knight-rise-skyspace)


“Colors speak all languages.”

What nail polish can teach us about color perception.

Fig 1: (left) Blue, Mary Gartside, from ’An essay on light and shade’, 1805. Source: Alexandra Loske. (right) Emily Noyes Vanderpoel, Plate V — Advancing and Retiring Colors, Color problems; a practical manual for the lay student of color (1902) Source: Hathitrust.org.

Billie Burke as Glenda the Good Witch and Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (Image source: Rex/Everett Collection. Image manipulation: author)

Carl Jennings

Artist, writer, colorist, professor of art and creative thinking. Imagination Blog: https://www.onmakingtheworld.com Art website: http://www.cjennings.com

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